“Joan and I have had coffee every Friday since we met.  Her knowledgeable commentary on young designers and her years in the fashion industry led to the feature “coffee with Joan” on my website “I like What You’re Wearing”.  Having Joan as a “contributing editor” on has added credibility to our working with rising designers and entrepreneurs.  Her feature and insights are helpful, not only to the designers, who tell me how they have read her articles and benefited from them, but to me with a growing company.”           

Olivia Gossett, President,

“Joan was my Professor of Merchandising at Parsons School of Design.  She taught us that working in the fashion industry is not some “pie in the sky pipe dream”, but a thriving industry with plenty of positions for those willing to work hard and apply their passions to getting the job done.  Attending Joan’s class was such a treat! I always left on a “creative high”, and wanted to “soak up “ her every word!   After graduation. Joan became my mentor, helping me think through situations, alerting me to various resources, guiding me.  I am honored to have her as my mentor and someone in my circle of people that I trust and care about.”

 Jennifer Boonloon, Pres-Soul Carrier & Graduate of Parsons School of Design, 2007.

“I have known Joan for many years, both as a colleague and as an employer.  She is a real professional.  Joan has a total grasp of the fashion industry—from A to Z, from concept to production to selling.  She knows the marketplace & what makes it tick.   Time & time again, Joan has proven to be a great mentor to so many.   Her experiences, relationships & war stories will prove invaluable to the “new entrepreneur”.

Liliana Epstein, Designer